Motivating Your Team: Be a Better Leader

Motivation is a core principle and driver for many Engineering teams. When it comes to motivating your team, in my past experience, I have seen the Good, Bad and Ugly of both high-performing teams and teams that are struggling to…

How to Watch Meta Connect 2023 VR Showcase

Meta Connect 2023 VR Showcase AR VR
Live stream the Meta Connect 2023 VR showcase event and get the latest news on the Quest 3 headset. Hear direct from Meta on its official release date this late 2022 on Facebook & Horizon Worlds app.

Managing High Performing Engineers

In my career as an Engineering Manager, I have worked with a variety of people across different organizations. I have faced different challenges when it comes to mentoring and growing engineers and particularly around High Performers. Having such people in a team could be great for the overall team and could help them deliver high value for the company.