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Leadership: Building Resilient Engineering Culture and Software Delivery

Our Leadership category is a valuable resource for leaders, managers, and team members in the tech industry. We focus on fostering a resilient Engineering Culture and achieving excellence in Software Delivery for Digital Product teams. Topics span from team dynamics and culture-building to technical strategies, process optimization, and personal career growth. Discover insights on diverse subjects such as team engagement, architecture, Agile methodologies, and self-care for professionals. Whether you’re an experienced leader or just starting, this category provides the knowledge and strategies to thrive in the fast-paced world of technology and engineering.

Job Description: Hiring Engineering Manager

The role of an Engineering Manager involves overseeing project planning and coordination, leading team efforts, and exploring innovative product solutions. Their responsibilities include strategizing, budget management, and ensuring the effective completion of projects. Collaboration with team members and other management…

Managing High Performing Engineers

In my career as an Engineering Manager, I have worked with a variety of people across different organizations. I have faced different challenges when it comes to mentoring and growing engineers and particularly around High Performers.Having such people in a team could be great for the overall team and could help them deliver high value for the company.