How to Watch Meta Connect 2023 VR Showcase

Live stream the Meta Connect 2023 VR showcase event and get the latest news on the Quest 3 headset. Hear direct from Meta on its official release date this late 2022 on Facebook & Horizon Worlds app.

The Meta Connect 2023 VR showcase event kicks off tomorrow, and there are a couple of different ways to tune in for the latest updates on the upcoming Quest 3 headset.

Meta Connect 2023 VR Showcase AR VR
Meta Connect 2023 VR Showcase AR VR

The event will be live-streamed on Facebook, which makes sense given this is Meta’s big annual VR/AR conference. However, if you have a Quest headset, you can also watch the keynote address directly in virtual reality from Meta’s Horizon Worlds app.

The showcase runs September 27-28, but the major keynote presentation starts on September 27 at 1 PM Eastern Time. This is expected to be a big one for Meta Connect, with many new Quest 3 details on the horizon.

We’re likely to get an official Quest 3 release date finally – it’s currently slated for sometime in late 2022. The original announcement was light on certain hardware specifics, so expect revelations around RAM, processing power, battery life, upgraded lenses, and more.

Here’s a refresher on what we know so far about the Quest 3:

  • The price will be $500
  • Will have full-color passthrough for mixed reality
  • Redesigned ergonomic controllers
  • It is more comfortable and lighter weight than Quest 2
  • Backwards compatible with Quest 2 and Quest 1 apps

Beyond hardware, we expect announcements around new games and experiences exclusive to the Quest 3. Titles like Assassin’s Creed: Nexus VR and Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord have already been teased as cross-platform. And a Stranger Things experience is coming before the holidays.

With Apple’s own VR/AR headset rumoured to arrive soon after the Quest 3, this is Meta’s chance to generate hype for what could be the most accessible and affordable mainstream VR device yet. Tune into the Meta Connect keynote starting September 27 at 1 PM Eastern to get all the details as they’re unveiled.

You can watch the event live online on Facebook or Threads, where it will be streamed.

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